Welcome to Conscious Copywriter, a service for ethical and sustainable small businesses and social enterprises looking to write meaningful content that attracts their ideal clients.

If it's a vegan, Fair Trade or eco-friendly, I want to know about it and I want to champion your cause.

Are you struggling to keep on top of your blog or newsletter?

Many entrepreneurs find that time is their biggest barrier. They want to have control over every aspect of their business, but the hours fly by and they find their to-do list unfinished. I understand that struggle as an entrepreneur myself, and I'm here to pick up some of the slack and help you connect your brand with the right customers by using written copy that inspires the reader into action. Well-written content has the potential to funnel clients and sales to your business over the long-term for just one simple up-front cost.

I write meaningful web content without being soppy, using strong hooks that appeal to the readers' values. It's more than putting one word in front of the other. My goal is to use the power of the written word to connect readers with companies they believe in. For this reason, I only work on projects that serve humankind or the Earth. The kind of projects I genuinely want to see succeed.

Hire me and gain a cheerleader in your corner. Somebody who will go above and beyond to promote the values of your business and connect you with your ideal followers. The kind of followers that bring social media engagement and client bookings with them. I'll work with you to build your brand to have the kind of social impact you want to make.

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If you are looking for a service outside my listed packages, the starting rate is $25/hr. Email me with the job you have in mind and pending the amount of research and the word count I'll email you back an estimate. Enquiries are free and there's no hard feelings if we're not the right fit or you're hesitant to invest.

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