What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of using the written word to drive the reader to action. It's an online marketing strategy providing written content to inform, inspire and educate the reader, funnel traffic to your website, and successfully convert the increased page views into clients or customers.

Why do I need a copywriter?

Writing for yourself can be hard. It can be difficult to take a step back and view yourself in the third person. Even copywriters need to hire copywriters to write their websites sometimes. So while you might consider yourself an OK writer, copywriters are your dedicated word servants that are able to see things from a fresh set of eyes and come up with new content you may not have thought of yourself.

Good copywriting can last forever. So the price you are paying is not just for the hours of work the writer has put in. You are paying for the days, weeks, months or years the content continues to serve you and convert traffic into clients or customers. For many businesses, that kind of service is priceless.

What do you write?

I write all sorts of things. For the right client, I could write anything. But personally I most enjoy writing website content (like the kind you're reading right now), feature articles and more casual blog posts written in first person to evoke an empathetic response from the reader. Blogging is my favourite platform, because I enjoy research and long-form content over short, snappier content - such as the copywriters that specialise in TV advertising copy.

What don't you write?

I don't write short-form advertising copy, white pages, brochures, billboards or catalogs. I specialise in small business content marketing, which is different from advertising copy.

Who do you write for?

OK, fair question! I state that I specialise in marketing for brands that have strong moral values. So who do I write for? Basically, I write for anybody that doesn't violate my core beliefs of non-violence and non-exploitation. I partner with environmentally-friendly, vegan and Fair Trade companies to connect their brand with the clientele of matching values. Be it small hobby businesses, creative entrepreneurs or established companies.

Should I trust a freelancer?

Here's the thing. If I don't deliver good content, I don't get a paycheque. By choosing a solo freelancer, you are ensuring you are only paying one person. The writer. There's no boss wanting a cut, and there's no price padding to meet company profit margins. When you work with me there's just me and my laptop. When I work solely for client fees I have every motivation to work my ass off for you, and no excuse for slacking off.

Can we meet in person?

I'm location independent - meaning I work from my laptop and move around a lot. I've moved three times in 2017 alone. So unfortunately unless you catch on social media that I'm in town, I'm unable to visit your business and can only assist you virtually.

I need the work done NOW - Can you help?

Absolutely. The creative brief process always takes a bit of time, as the research and preparation takes longer than the writing itself. But if you catch me before 5pm, I can begin the process the very next day.

Who owns the work?

I own the work up until the complete payment of the invoice. From there, you have full rights and can do with the work as you wish. You are not required to list me as an author unless I'm featuring as a guest blogger. I will always request to use your work in my portfolio to show off my skills, but this is completely up to the client!

Do you have more questions? Great! Shoot over to my CONTACT page to ask them.